Snippet – Good Girl

Below is a snippet from the novel Good Girl, written by Sizwile Sibindi. Enjoy!

I am now a second year at varsity! The excitement is buzzing at campus. I can see how my dreams will come true very soon. I am still hurt about Lungile, but I also know I have to loosen up and live a little, and maybe even date. I am definitely not going to commit to anyone. I will not even think about marriage for the next hundred years, Lungile has shown me that happily ever after is a myth.

It’s the second month of the semester, and we are over the registration period so classes have now begun in earnest. I am walking from class to res, when a red golf stops next to me, window rolls down and I hear,

“Thembie my baby”

Whaaaat? Jabu now has a car, trouble if you ask me. And I am baby now? Such a chancer!

“Jabu hi” I say

“Get in, I’ll drop you off” He never gives up ne?

I get into his car and he drives to my block. He is driving very slowly.

“How are you? You are scarce this year”

“I’m good Jabu, and you?”

“Could be better” he says looking at me and smiling.

I raise my eyebrows.

“Well, you have turned me down a million times, but could be better if you go out with me this Friday….as friends?”

I did say he never gives up. Let me shock him, seeing as I am single and ready to mingle.

“Sure, where and what time?”

“You joking! Ha! Cool, will pick you at 8 on Friday”

We are now parked outside my building. I come out of the car and so does he. He walks round the car to me, and stands in front of me, very close I must say.

“So Friday then?” He says. He is so handsome, why is my heart beating so fast.

“Sure, will see you” I turn to go.

“No hugs?” he asks.

I shake my head, turn back and give him the hug. He hugs back and boy does he smell good. A far cry from Lungile’s Brut.

I walk away, and I know he is watching. I am wearing shorts and I know them legs are killing him right now.

“Girrrrrrl, what was that about” says Lerato the moment I step into our room. We are still roommates and besties.

“I take it you were watching me through the window and saw me give Jabu a hug” I say stifling a laugh.

“Well, yeah!” she obviously wants a story, and I don’t have one to give her.

“He asked me for a date on Friday and I said yes, I am single so why not.” I say matter of factly.

“Ok girl, just be careful, you know Jabu and girls,” she says.

“Don’t stress girl, I am just having fun after that pig broke my heart” It still hurts a little, but I’ll be strong.

“Yeah girl, after saving the cookie for him” she says and we laugh.

“So what are you wearing on Friday, you gotta show them legs, they don’t call you miss brainy legs for nothing”

Yes, I am called miss brainy legs because I am super intelligent and have the most amazing legs, which I only truly embraced when I got to varsity.


Friday evening is here, I am dressed in my short denim jumpsuit, with a boob tube cut and high heels. I look hot and I know it. Jabu picks me up, looking hot as always.

He kisses me on the cheek while giving me a hug, ok that’s unexpected.

“You look so hot girl” he says as he opens the car door.

“Thanks, you don’t look bad yourself” I say and he laughs.

“Where are we off to?”

“Dinner and then Moloko”

Ok, Moloko huh? Our student budget usually ends at CoFi and News Café but oh well, I guess his budget is set up differently.

We have dinner at Brooklyn square and the conversation is flowing. I am enjoying talking to him. We have never really had a long conversation other than when he is hitting on me, and I realise that he is not what I expected. He can actually talk about other things besides music and clubbing. He is also quite funny, which is a plus.

“Excuse me sir, the kitchen will close in 10minutes, if you would like to order something”

Wow! Where did the time go? Was the conversation that good?

He pays and we leave. As we walk to the car, I am very aware of his hand on my back.

“We could skip Moloko” he says, “We will not have a conversation there”

“Sure, so what do you suggest we do then?”

“If you don’t mind we can go back to my place, chill and I’ll drop you off later” he says.

“Ok sure,”

He lives in a flat and so we go there.

I take off my shoes and we sit on the balcony and have drinks. We are sitting on cushions on the floor and just talking.

“Where is your roommate?” I ask.

“It’s Friday girl, who knows” he says and we laugh. He takes out his phone and sends a text.

“He says he’s eating his youth in Joburg, he’ll probably only be back in the morning”

“Mmmm ok” I say, why am I happy about the roommate being away? Could it be because I want to sleep with this boy and forget about Lungile?

I am now lying on the cushion with my head on his lap.

“So why did you finally agree to go on a date with me,” he asks

“Because when you asked before I was in a relationship, and I don’t cheat, but now I am single” I say.

“Wow! Ok – you are something else” he says

“What do you mean” I ask.

“You have a way of just saying it like it is, and you don’t seem intimidated by anything or anyone. Most girls would have said the time was not right or some shit, but you just…..I don’t know”

I laugh a little, I usually do the intimidating, not the other way round.

“I mean, you are the first girl that I have pursued for this long” he says

“Why? Why do you keep pursuing me? You always have a girl on your arm, so why me?”

“To begin with, you are different, it’s like you are just not impressed about most things, and Girrrrrrl, have you seen them legs”

We laugh out loud, he is silly.

He gently moves my head off his lap, then lies next to me, and he kisses me.

I feel like this is a first kiss. He kisses so well. He teases me with his tongue and I respond.

After what seems like an eternity, we stop and hold each other.

“Do you wanna go inside?” He asks.

I nod, and he takes me by the hand and leads me to his room. It is such a neat room, I wonder if it’s because he knew he would be bringing me back here.

He leads me to the bed, where we start kissing again, very passionately. We start undressing, and I am so roused nothing can stop me now.

“Are you sure” he whispers.

“Yes, are you?” I whisper back and he looks me in the face and the grabs a condom and puts it on. Great, he doesn’t compromise on safety.

He comes on top of me, and his finger is working on me. Eventually he slides in, and ohhhh he is well built. I feel him as he comes in and I close my eyes as I wrap my legs around him.

He starts to move and I move with him. Slowly at first, but the pace increases. It is so sweet, I cannot even say how I feel. When I come, my body feels like an explosion. This is the greatest sex I have ever had, with my little experience.

Once we are both done, we lie there cuddling without saying anything. At dawn I am woken by his kisses and we do it again. This time he enters me from behind, and it lasts longer. I cannot get over how well-endowed he is. I can feel him in each every corner. By the time he is done with me I am groaning.

“It is better than I imagined. You are beautiful Thembie” he says.

I kiss him and not say anything.

We finally fall asleep again.

It is 2pm when he finally drives me to res on Saturday.

“Why don’t you get a change of clothes, then later we can go dancing” he says.

“Ok” I say as I get out of the car. Again he comes out and comes to my side.

He gives me a kiss and says,

“See you now, sexy”

I blush a little.

I walk away and know that there are a million eyes watching me through windows. No wonder it is called the walk of shame. Interestingly, for boys it is called the walk of fame. Male patriarchy bullshit.

I am relieved that none of my squad is here, I am not in the mood for explanations. I change clothes into casual shorts and flat shoes, then pack something to wear later, and for tomorrow as well. I walk back to the car.

“That was fast” he says. He is still standing outside the car, his legs crossed and he is checking me out from head to toe.

“We go?” I say

“Yep, can we go back to my place? Those shorts are giving me ideas” he says stroking my thigh.

This will be scandal! We are still standing outside the car and I am sure the million eyes are still watching.

I blush a little and say, “We can go back, would love to see a demo of those ideas”

He looks surprised, pleasantly surprised.

We drive back to his place and we shut ourselves in his bedroom again. This time I am on top, and I squeeze and let go and he is groaning. I move, and stop just long enough to tease him then move again. I don’t even know where I know all this from, because Lungile and I were not that adventurous.

He eventually flips me over, and rides me like a bull. When we come together, it is fireworks. How can sex be this good? Jabu knows his story shame, it’s too bad I cannot love him, but as for sex, I will be giving it to him for a long time because he is that good.

That night, we go out clubbing and end up with my squad and his squad. My friends are surprised at how Jabu and I are touchy feely, and when we go to the bathroom I give them a sneak preview.

“Girrrrrrls, let’s just say, the last 24 hours I have done it at least 3 times” they all scream.

“You savage! Aaaaand? Does he live up to his rep?” Nyasha is asking for details.

“If he didn’t, would I have opened these legs 3 times?” I say and they scream again.

I refuse to tell them more and we go back to join the guys. I can see my girls looking at him differently. I sit on his lap and we stand to dance at some point.

We eventually leave the club, drop off my friends and head back to his flat. The roommate is in, but in his bedroom, obviously with a girl. I wonder if they will be comparing notes tomorrow. I don’t care, I will be comparing my own notes with my girrrrls!

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