Live A Life Of No Death

chris-b-229247-unsplash.jpgIt’s a pleasure to be alive,
We live and we will die,
But we don’t live to die,
If we die we get to live eternally,
Live a life where death has no access,
Death has no meaning,
Death has no power,
I fear no evil though i walk in the
valley of shadow of death,
Because shadows will remain shadows,
Shadows can’t be a threat,
Only living things can be,
Since we lack confidence in
ourselves then we will always worry
at nothing,
But nothing has power over human,
Humans are God’s image,
The power of God runs in their veins,
So they won’t bow for any creature
beside bowing before God,
Let’s not give death a pride,
No one dies,
People just pass from a sorrowful
world to a peaceful world,
A world of no sorrow,
Though we can’t see them,
But we know their souls live,
Death you have no power,
Down there in the grave it’s where the
flesh belong,
We don’t die anymore,
Only a separation of soul from flesh,
And this is our way to rest from the
struggles of this world,
You can think you have separated us
from our loved ones,
But the fact is we are still together
with soul,
And in no time we will be singing a
victory song together in a new world
of no tears,
Where we will die no more,
We will cry no more,
Will be stressed no more,


Written by Sphephelo Mhlonpheni Dlamini


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