The Broken Poet by K Chenepe


Where poetry begins to fail

Where river prays to autumn

Where dams deliver us to winter

Where the mist is a book of lost words

Where the next walk is postponed forever

Now it rains

In graphs full of silence

So little time remaining to say nothing

Wind remain

Black thought with broken dreams

Clouds roar

Bowl of snow full of un-melted ices

Birds on trees sing unsung songs

The dark hangs heavily over the eyes

A walk in the woods full of tears

There is no doubt in me that you’ll hold

A piece of my heart forever but I’ll never

Have a place in your life.

I won’t drop a tear for you

You won’t see my morning text the next day

An endless darkness

Where the air is filled with pain

Where the is endless cries of a wise poet

Where happiness is no longer there

Love a painful drug

Kgothatso Bethuel Chenepe who is known by his street name(Ce’KayTheArtJunkie)was born in Rustenburg town in a small village called Rasimone in 1997.He won a prize for his work in funza poetry sessions. He’s the first black poet to be published by #Writetotellmagazine which is based in Canada both in English And his home language Setswana.
His best known for writing very personal poems about his life and love. His poems are often about the pain of life we showed to one another when we met in our journey of life :She’s oxygen, Ghetto ,death over love, innocent child and lost in love .


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