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Of speaking your piece…and your peace

The familiar sound of the garage opening reminded Sihle of her visitor. How was it that when he left, he had taken everything he owned, surrendered all his house keys, yet had felt the need to keep the garage remote? And why had he never returned it in all of the last four years? Sihle… Continue reading Of speaking your piece…and your peace

Short story

A generation that does not exist

The bus ride to town from the village only takes an hour, but it is a bumpy one. Each time I start dozing off, I am cajoled back to reality as the bus hits another bump. The road is very bad, and it does not help that it is the rainy season. It has been… Continue reading A generation that does not exist


Fresh Starts

The Empress' Musings

The hot summer’s day was tapering to an end as Siya’s bus finally pulled to a stop in the middle of the City. It parked clumsily in the centre parking and straddled a number of parking bays, much to the annoyance of commuters who were scrambling across the wide street in the middle of rush hour traffic to make it into the taxis so they could be home before the sun dipped completely behind the horizon. The cacophony of city noises that exploded into the bus as the driver opened the door jolted Siya from her reverie. She quickly felt blindly for her satchel underneath the worn seat, stretched and double checked that her belongings were all in place. She rolled up her earphones and dropped them into the concealed pocket inside the bag. She then felt for the thick envelope that her grandmother had smuggled to her as she…

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